Online Individual Sessions

Online Healing Sessions

We begin by finding out your concerns and what you need. My method is: as an Empath I can directly sense another a person's physical, emotional, spiritual, and generational information from any distance. When you and I find the underlying cause of distress, I use Singing Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy, and my training in poly-vagal informed trauma resolution to bring peace, and transformation. Sessions are a mix of education and treatment. Here are options of how I can help you.

  • Healing for your nervous system, endocrine system, organ function, brain function, and emotional/spiritual health.
  • Reveal generational trauma as an original source of your personal trauma history.
  • Transform limiting beliefs. Turn chronic self-criticism into self-compassion.
  • Restore meaningful connection to your body, strengthen your spiritual connection, and enliven your creativity.
  • Recover your self trust and ability to feel safe connecting to other people.
  • Honor your unique strength and gifts.
  • Clarify your path forward, how to best serve your purpose, and what brings you alive. ​​

​"Your healing work was my reconnection to my own life and love. It's amazing that you could see what I needed, and deliver it in the most beautiful heart felt way. The Singing Medicine healed my soul."

"You have given me profound insight in this session that might have taken me years, if ever to figure out on my own" 

"I'm so amazed after years and years of psychological counseling, that in just a few short sessions we've been able to cut through the chase and get to the heart of things like I've never been able to do before."

“After you sang to me, I feel like I just came back from a vacation. So cleared out that I can hardly believe how great I feel. I have no words for how amazing that was.”


Empathic Medium Readings (for 1 person)

If you are grieving the loss of a person or pet, I will give Singing Medicine to you, and your loved one who is the process of dying or has crossed over. I also do a drawing as a means of receiving messages and insights that can help you heal with greater clarity and peace. Being a multiple Near Death Experiencer, I am what is called a "walks between" I can visit the veil between the living and the deceased. I use being an Empath to bring messages and healing insights.

  • I will give Singing Medicine to you, and your loved one who is crossing or has crossed over.
  • I share messages and insights that can help you feel greater clarity and peace.
  • What I gained from multiple Near Death Experiences, is that I can visit the veil between the living and the deceased. I use the Singing Medicine to bring you messages from this place.

"I felt my son's love move through my body while you sang. Thank you. I have been wanting to feel this."