Online Healing Package - 2 Classes and an Individual Session

In order for me to have time to do my big projects (developing a membership program, my book, my art card deck, and a documentary film) I have decided to put a hold on individual sessions. 

It is important to me that I remain accessible, so you are invited to work with me through 5 person small group, classes, and we are developing a membership program. Please sign up for my newsletter where we will keep you up to date on my offerings (including progress on the big scale projects!)  Thank you, Robin Aisha Landsong

Two Classes that support you to get the most out of your Individual Session with Robin

The most powerful way for my clients to become ready to get the richest transformation during their individual session is to be given some understanding of self-compassion andtrauma resolution before hand. This package includes taking the two 1.5 hour classes needed before scheduling an individual session:

How do I Transform my Self-Criticism into Self-Compassion, and

How Do I Heal Trauma in My Nervous System

Having this ground work before our session cultivates readiness for deeper change and longer lasting healing benefits.

Online Individual Sessions

We begin by checking in with what you need, and want to get out of your session. While I am listening to what you are saying, I am also hearing physical, emotional, spiritual, and ancestral information. I begin a symbolic drawing that gives a visual of what I am sensing. I share the drawing with you, get your impressions, and give my interpretation of the symbols.

Then I sing to you. Singing Medicine helps people feel calmer, and sensations of aliveness (the opposite to being numb). Some people feel emotions, receive visions, and gain insights. The Singing Medicine is a deeply nurturing way to say, “I see you, you matter, and you are a whole person.”

I continue to add to the drawing and repeat rounds of Singing Medicine. Areas of emotional compression in the body can be softened and integrated, and historic beliefs can be transformed. Many people experience a profound homecoming of their own life force in their body.

I am also an Empathic Medium. As a five time Near Death Experiencer I am able to listen for your loved one who is on the other side of the veil. I can translate messages which can help you with acceptance and forgiveness. In some sessions, when you and your person are ready, I become the conduit to help you directly feel an energetic connection with them.

I use Singing Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy, and my training in poly-vagal informed trauma resolution, nutrition, and adrenal health to cultivate peace, and transformation.

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After You Purchase

When you buy this package you receive an email with a link to sign up for the classes first and then the session. Save the email in a special place because it contains your code to enter. (If you can't make the class date you can watch the recording).

This is a new offering, so we are in a learning curve setting this up on my schedule system. We welcome feedback on your sign up experience so we can improve making it function smoothly.

What You Can Heal

  • Transform chronic self-criticism into self-compassion.
  • Heal your nervous system, endocrine system, organ function, and brain health.
  • Gain insight into generational trauma that your body may be interpreting as your personal trauma.
  • Move toward Ancestral Healing.
  • Restore meaningful connection to your body, and enliven your creativity.
  • Recover your self-trust and ability to feel safe connecting to other people.
  • Honor your unique strength and gifts.
  • Clarify what brings you alive and how that helps you respond to your divine calling.
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"Your healing work was my reconnection to my own life and love. It's amazing that you could see what I needed, and deliver it in the most beautiful heart felt way. The Singing Medicine healed my soul."


"You have given me profound insight in this session that might have taken me years, if ever to figure out on my own" 


"I'm so amazed after years and years of psychological counseling, that in just a few short sessions we've been able to cut through the chase and get to the heart of things like I've never been able to do before."

“After you sang to me, I feel like I just came back from a vacation. So cleared out that I can hardly believe how great I feel. I have no words for how amazing that was.”

"I felt my son's love move through my body while you sang. Thank you. I have been wanting to feel this."

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