Inspired by the women who called her back to life during war, Robin Aisha Landsong is devoted to transforming global culture so we give and receive more compassionate action.

She was taught to help each person feel their belonging in the web of life with her Singing Medicine. Her multiple death and return experiences opened her to become a Visionary Artist and Professional Intuitive.

She is a Trauma Resolution Leader
Transformational Speaker
Craniosacral Therapist

“Robin’s intuitive abilities and other worldly ancient singing voice profoundly honors each person by saying 'I see you' to their needs and strengths."

New Album

Roots Drinking Rain

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Roots Drinking Rain is available to stream or download on all major streaming platforms and available for purchase here on Robin's website.

Roots Drinking Rain 3000

Receive an Intuitive Reading and Singing Medicine

Robin Singing Medicine circle

Only five people per group.

Through my intuition, I see people's strength and gifts. I then sing to each person to help you live your purpose.


Lion & Turtle Blankets

Lion and turtle blankets. Robin's drawings transformed into a 100% cotton woven

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Group Sessions

Groups heal our need for community connection. The beauty of being part of a group is witnessing another person's "aha moment" which can catalyze your own insights.

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Online Classes

Online offerings to help you heal and transform so you can live fully in your body and through your authentic purpose.

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Find out more about my upcoming memoir: Abducted from the U.S. to Africa at 8 years old, surviving two near death experiences, and returning to thank the people who helped me 40 years later.

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Art inspired by my near death experiences and visions. Get it any form that suits you from prints to iPhone cases to shower curtains.

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Zimbabwe Memoir

I have been working on my memoir since 2009 and am now ready to submit to agents and publishers.

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“Thank you so much for sharing your story! I live in Estonia and I write to you to just let you know that your amazing positive energy can be felt here on the other side of the globe. You are an amazing channel of love and healing. Thank you!”  Kairi

After you sang to me, I feel like I just came back from a vacation. So cleared out that I can hardly believe how great I feel. I have no words for how amazing that was.”  Jill

It is the Love in your story that strikes me more than the cruelty. I live in Holland, I still remember the Rhodesian Bush War with a lot of pain. My age is 82. The story of your African family loving you helps me to heal myself. Thank you.” Love Myra

“I write from Singapore. With art, song, and healing your history has found its place in the world. Not country. But world.” With love and admiration, Arul

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Maemu and Robin2019
Robin Craniosacral with infant
After we found the site of my first village where the massacre occurred we were gifted with a rainbow. It felt like a sign that I had come full circle after 40 years.