Receive an Intuitive Reading and Singing Medicine

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Only five people per group.

Through my intuition, I see people's strength and gifts. I then sing to each person to help you live your purpose. 

Five Person Group

Receive Intuitive Drawing and Singing Medicine with Robin 

This is a small group with each person getting a 10-15 minute mini session. Groups heal our need for community connection. You can invite a friend to sign up with you if you like, but you don't need 4 other people. Other people from around the world will sign up and fill the spaces.  

What You Can Heal

  • Transform chronic self-criticism into self-compassion.
  • Experience deep calming for your nervous system.
  • Gain insight into generational trauma that your body may be interpreting as your personal trauma.
  • Move toward Ancestral Healing.
  • Restore meaningful connection to your body, and enliven your creativity.
  • Recover your self-trust and ability to feel safe connecting to other people.
  • Honor your unique strength and gifts.
  • Clarify what brings you alive and how that helps you respond to your divine calling.

It is my privilege to support your authentic self worth and resilience. Each person will receive their own intuitive drawing, reading, and be sung to. The beauty of being part of a group is witnessing another person's "aha moment" which can catalyze your own insights.

This group is 1.5 hour through Zoom. My American schedule system will show you AM or PM times in your time zone that you select.

"I had a stroke nearly 5 years ago.  Over 1 year ago I began having a constant headache that never went away. I was told by therapists that symptoms like this could emerge years after the stroke and there was no treatment except pharmaceutical drugs.  I recently participated in a Healing Your Central Nervous System group session with Robin. While she sang to another participant who suffered chronic migraines I realized I felt the frequency of the song carrying over to me.  My headache has completely disappeared and has not returned. The relief after a year of constant pain is a testament to the power of frequency healing.  Robin's gift of Medicine Singing has given me hope and is a true blessing in my life.  Thank you Robin!"


"I found out that I am not alone, and this breakthrough was crazy helpful."


"My words don't do justice, I simply cannot adequately express my deep gratitude for what you gave me."


“I just wanted to try to thank you for what you did yesterday. I still can’t quite believe you ‘unstuck’ me in 10 minutes. Incredible... I am forever grateful.” -Client from Australia


"As Robin sang, I heard in her voice, saw in her faces the very emotion I was feeling." 

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