“After you sang to me, I feel like I just came back from a vacation. So cleared out that I can hardly believe how great I feel. I have no words for how amazing that was.”  Jill


“It is the Love in your story that strikes me more than the cruelty. I live in Holland, I still remember the Rhodesian Bush War with a lot of pain. My age is 82. The story of your African family loving you helps me to heal myself. Thank you.” Love Myra


“Thank you so much for sharing your story! I live in Estonia and I write to you to just let you know that your amazing positive energy can be felt here on the other side of the globe. You are an amazing channel of love and healing. Thank you!” Kairi


“I write from Singapore. With art, song, and healing your history has found its place in the world. Not country. But world.” With love and admiration, Arul


I was moved throughout, and thoroughly! I loved the way I felt when I was sung to... witnessed and honored and delighted. Thank you. Beautiful.

I have felt unfocused lately. I also had a bout of Colitis earlier this year. You immediately focused on my belly which has felt weak. As you did this I remembered my power and focus. This experience has reminded me and shown me how to center myself. Thank you for reminding me to laugh!!

Your stories, the honor & respect for each person - my song deeply touched me on all levels & experiencing others' songs was also very powerful. What a beautiful, loving experience - very healing.

I feel grounded and positive about my future.

Never stop! It was wonderful.

Sound - rhythm - movement - breath. Opening to the "ancient future" of our connections. Thank you for the work you do together. It is powerful good medicine, and I am grateful for my first experience.

The language of sound, voice, rhythm - the language of song/of soul is profound - so resonant. It's so healing to be seen & feel my own core, my jewel - so healing & so empowering.

Being sung to by Robin is an experience of being seen in a way that gives permission to be the full expression of who I am. It inspires my most authentic self, and reminds me of my deepest connection to Source. I had never experienced anything like it before. It was so potent I felt weak in the knees.

The Singing Medicine evening was a very unique new experience for me. I felt touched in my soul by the divine while listening and humming along. As of right now, my body is still vibrating, energized, shaken up by this experience. I feel that I received joy, love and the spirit in my heart through the music. The setting felt safe, I was able to let go and feel that I received so much! Thank you.

When being sung I felt confidence, and knowing. Now, after letting it resonate and sink in, I feel like I've come near or to the end of a chapter in my life path. I feel like I already get it - everything - and I'm waiting for every one to catch up. But I'm gonna keep going! Thank you.

As Robin sang, I heard in her voice,  saw in her faces the very emotion I was feeling.    It helped me recognize and honor the magnitude of my grieving.  I’m so grateful to Robin for allowing such profound music to sing its way into this world through her voices.

You gave me a part of my life back and I will always remember that. Don't stop doing what you do best. You both have a special gift.

When Robin sings, the windows of heaven melt away and our doors disappear.

A spark, tiny spark from the innermost core, followed the songbirds and started to soar - To the light, to the light, growing with sound - Explode into stars not bound by the ground.

You had instant access to my essence, seeing me fully, receiving me and thus opening the door, allowing me to be more fully me. It was a very rich experience for me to not hold back, be ok, full, fierce, sad, to be held and shined and sung to by you tonight. Thank you for your gift!! 1000 fold.

I have made a lot of changes in my life over the past two years. I'm always questioning myself, have I made the right decisions, am I on the right path for me? You seeing the white sands, calm breeze is how I felt. Comfortable, happy, content. I need to trust my feelings, my instincts. Thank you.

I never cease to be amazed at how touched I am by EVERYONE'S songs - I feel joy, sadness, relief, reverence, opened up, energized, compassion... I always stand taller after Singing Medicine!

Such an incredible experience. Thank you for helping me drop into my vulnerabilities in such a gentle way. You sang the complexity of things that I'm not sure I even want or need to put into words. How beautiful to be able to connect with each other on such a deep, speechless level. I feel privileged to have experienced this. Thank you!

Beautiful! This was my first experience here with you and I didn't know what to expect or how I would feel - and I loved the entire experience. Thank you!

This was lovely! What sacred caring energies you both have - so giving - Thank you

Singing Medicine is doors opening in the hallways of your soul.

Your medicine has served to help point me towards the truth inside of me and to come into contact with my true self. This is something I've been working on a lot recently. Being here tonight was a true gift. I leave with increased presence, clarity, and commitment. Thank you!

Thank you for all you do and all you have done for me. Thank you is not really enough. We (both of you and me) have dramatically changed my life and I can never thank you enough.

I felt very peaceful and connected to the universe. Your Singing Medicine is very uplifting. Thank you.

Singing Medicine helps bring out each individual soul spirit. Thank you.

Singing Medicine reaches every part of me - awakens me to the universal experiences of being alive and connected to every other living thing.

Amazement, in awe, bliss, compassion, love, enjoyment, amazing amount of sunny inspiration, jealousy, envy, patience, presence, happiness, a blur of everything and nothing together. Inspiration of happiness, authenticity, to inspire, to be me. I saw beauty. Thank you.

Early in the session, I was noticing which part of my body seemed to resonate with the tones that Robin is singing. Then, I become amazed by the range of vocal sounds, from very deep bass tones, to sweet tenor sounds, to "head voice", to even what seemed like the sounds of animal spirits. At one point, I began to expect that , at any moment, Robin might begin singing songs that my mother sang...

...your eyes, song and healing enters my body with light and love touching all that is inside of me. You are very loved.

I felt myself in my heart and was filled with love for everyone here, everyone who wasn't here and life. I felt fully of energy and light. I feel lighter, less burdened. I feel suspended in a place of love and compassion.

I was moved by the focus of attention on my spirit though Robin's intuition. I felt moved to be able to stand there in my power. Thank - it was lovely. I would definitely recommend it.

Thank you so much for bringing such healing and joy to us and this community. Each time I experience your songs I am deeply moved. It expands me more into who I am and my purpose.

The whole thing was amazing. Thank you both.

No words for it, it was well done, beautiful.

The sounds and motions were beautiful - so soothing & healing. Thank you for your gifts.

It was a joyful, engaging and freeing experience. It was also interesting to witness the intuitive process with sound. Thank you.

I felt my soul open. I felt release, joy, then pain in letting go.

"I found out that I am not alone, and this breakthrough was crazy helpful."

"My words don't do justice, I simply cannot adequately express my deep gratitude for what you gave me."

“I just wanted to try to thank you for what you did yesterday. I still can’t quite believe you ‘unstuck’ me in 10 minutes. Incredible... I am forever grateful.” -Client from Australia

"As Robin sang, I heard in her voice, saw in her faces the very emotion I was feeling."