Craniosacral Therapy What is it?

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is gentle, received lying down, and fully clothed. This technique is focused on the fluid rhythm of the Cerebral Spinal Fluid that surrounds and protects the nervous system. My specialized training in the function of the nervous system includes working with the brain. People are often moved into a profoundly relaxed Delta or Theta state where the body’s ability to self heal is revived. It feels like being asleep and self aware at the same time. I finish sessions with Singing Medicine, a form of sound healing that I learned as a girl from African Women who healed me.

Who is a good match for what I am offering?

I am especially effective for people who want to work with their emotional and spiritual health as an integral part of their physical heath care. I am an Intuitive and Empath. ​I have the ability to see into people's (physical and emotional) body in order to detect underlying cause for their symptoms. This makes for an efficient way to get right to an effective treatment. 

In my 16 years of practice I have had the privilege to do over 13,000 Craniosacral  and Singing Medicine sessions. The key question I ask is how can we revive your body’s capacity to self correct?

I enjoy working with Children, Teens, Adults, and Families who want Self Empowering Health Care.

​My Specialties

  • Treating and mentoring highly intuitive children and adults to develop boundaries and grounding in their body as an antidote to stress related symptoms
  • Healing Post Traumatic Stress
  • Near death experience recovery and integration (whether it happened  years ago or recently)

Injuries and Illness

  • Brain injury, head injury, concussion
  • Car accident, head/neck/ back injury, fall injuries
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Ear and Sinus problems, balance/dizziness
  • Recovery from anesthesia (helping people feel like themselves again)

Emotional and Spiritual Health to Revive Physical Health

  • Restore connection to purpose
  • Revive capacity for creative expression

Heart, Digestive System, Organ function

  • Prepare and recover from organ transplant surgery
  • Relax pericardium tension/guarding to help decrease jaw tension
  • Retrain nervous system to reach deep parasympathetic state to decrease high blood pressure, heart arrhythmias
  • Return to orchestrated biological rhythm and increase self regulation to help with IBS
  • Revive under-functioning organs
  • Find underlying cause and remedy for mysterious health issues

Infants and Mothers

  • Heal birth trauma
  • Revive interest in eating/latching
  • Heal postpartum depression
  • Increase sense of self and ability to bond for adopted children and adults

"After my first Craniosacral Therapy session I feel more grounded, present, and at home in my body than ever."

"Part magic, part Craniosacral Therapy, You are a Medicine Woman."
​"Working with Robin is an experience of being seen in a way that gave me permission to be my most authentic self. I feel my deepest connection to Source. I had never experienced anything like it before. It was so potent I felt weak in the knees."

"You gave me a part of my life back and I will always remember that."

"Singing Medicine reaches every part of me - awakens me to the universal experiences of being alive and connected to every other living thing."

"You do magic so people can feel better." From a 4 year old after her headaches from a car accident were resolved.