Craniosacral Therapy

"After my first Craniosacral Therapy session I feel more grounded, present, and at home in my body than ever."


​"Working with Robin is an experience of being seen in a way that gave me permission to be my most authentic self. I feel my deepest connection to Source. I had never experienced anything like it before. It was so potent I felt weak in the knees."

"You do magic so people can feel better." From a 4 year old after her headaches from a car accident were resolved.


"Part magic, part Craniosacral Therapy, You are a Medicine Woman."


"You gave me a part of my life back and I will always remember that."


Robin's Office





The downward cycle (contractive) of the Cranial Fluid Pulse is restorative. People fall into a deep meditative state or sleep.



The upward (expansive) cycle of the Cranial Fluid Pulse is felt as an upward wave through the body. People feel subtle to dramatic changes in their body.