Singing Medicine

"The Song Medicine Circle got rave reviews from one of our regulars. Jeanine DuBois said it was the 'BEST EVENT she's ever been to' and she is here for events several times a month. I asked if she meant best Sound Healing event, and she said "BEST EVENT she's EVER been to in all her 63 years!" High praise, indeed!" - Manager, New Renaissance Bookstore, Portland

"Immediately my heart started vibrating and I felt like all of the pain in my life was lifted out. I felt a soft hand on my heart, assuring me that it was safe to step out. Your words were so perfect to move me forward."


"As Robin and John sang, I heard in their voices, saw in their faces the very emotion I was feeling. It helped me recognize and honor the magnitude of my grieving. I’m so grateful to John and Robin for allowing such profound music to sing its way into this world through their voices."

​"You both had instant access to my essence, seeing me fully, receiving me and thus opening the door, allowing me to be more fully me. It was a very rich experience for me to not hold back, be ok, full, fierce, sad, to be held and shined and sung to by you tonight. Thank you for your gift!! 1000 fold."

"Such an incredible experience. Thank you for helping me drop into my vulnerabilities in such a gentle way. You sang the complexity of things that I'm not sure I even want or need to put into words. How beautiful to be able to connect with each other on such a deep, speechless level. I feel privileged to have experienced this. Thank you!"

"Your medicine has served to help point me towards the truth inside of me and to come into contact with my true self. This is something I've been working on a lot recently. Being here tonight was a true gift. I leave with increased presence, clarity, and commitment. Thank you!"

"I have felt unfocused lately. I also had a bout of Colitis earlier this year. You immediately focused on my belly which has felt weak. As you did this I remembered my power and focus. This experience has reminded me and shown me how to center myself. Thank you for reminding me to laugh!!"



Singing has been used as effective medicine for body, soul and community in many cultures throughout human history. People who attend our Singing Medicine events report a variety of experiences. Many are profoundly moved and find renewed creativity for their purpose. Some experience emotional healing and tremendous insight, and for others being sung to is a pivotal life event.