Roots Drinking Rain (7 Song Album)


Robin Aisha’s Singing Medicine brings an Ancient Voice to our modern need for belonging, healing, and coming home to ourselves. These seven song are both lyric, and percussive to meet our human need to have music mirror our emotions.

Robin Aisha has given a unique Medicine Song to over 16,000 people. She is a Visionary Artist, Author of Loving Bravely, an Audiobook memoir, and a Craniosacral Therapist. Robin utilizing her intuitive abilities in small groups to say “I see you” to people’s needs and strengths to help each person heal in community.



This way of singing a language from the land was opened in me during a death and return experience when I was eight years old and shot during the Rhodesian War in 1977. A rural African woman, who had taken me in as her own, found my lifeless body and began to sing. Her voice was joined by the Ancestors. Their calling song was so potent it reached me on the other side of the veil, and reminded me that I had not done my purpose which is to contribute to the choir of Medicine Singers. I returned to live this purpose.

It is my honor to sing to people to help them remember their connection to Divine Source, and their own capacity to heal. May this album serve you to deepen into the ways that beauty heals our souls.


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