We have arrived in Zimbabwe

April 21 – We arrived in Zimbabwe yesterday. After extremely little sleep during the 3 days of travel I am glad to say we finally slept last night. We can think and speak clearly again. Logistics have gone well, all our bags arrived, and getting Visas to come into Zimbabwe all went smoothly. 
We planned several days of rest for ourselves. We are on a beautiful farm where we are being well fed by our hosts. We have already met such kind people. As we stood in line to get Visas the man behind us shared with us that he was coming back to Zimbabwe after being in the Seattle area to go to University. He told us that once he was through the visa he was about to see his father for the first time in 15 years. He, John, and I  all got welled up in tears.  
The strongest event for me yesterday as we drove in from the airport was seeing a cluster of huts. My whole body reacted. I wanted to get out of the car and go there. John said he felt like a part of me lurched out of the vehicle to go there. Where we right now is still 4 hours away from where we believe I was a child in 1977. 
We planned today and Saturday as rest and integration days. On Sunday Vanessa will come pick us up and take us to her Eco Safari Ranch where we will be closer to our goal. This is location research. I know my body will tell me when we are there.  This is the tree I am seeing in front of me while I write this on my lap top. More to come…Now I am going to go watch cream being churned by hand. 

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